BRAD STEELE Master Stonemason, Sculptor & Carver
BRAD STEELEMaster Stonemason, Sculptor & Carver

Talks and lectures.

I have always had a deep passion and interest for my craft and its history, along with my own experiences and research this has enabled me to give talks on the subject. The talks are based on the history, tools and skills of the mason and carver.

They are perfectly suited for Heritage Groups, Historical Societies and Historical Organisations.


The art and craft of the stonemason goes back many centuries. When ancient civilisations have long since disappeared the only trace of their existance is usually left in stone, in the form of architecture. Such is the importance of the masons art that it is used by historians and archaeologists to research and trace specific periods of history.

My talks will cover this importance in greater detail, with more focus on the skills, methods and techniques used by the mason to create such architecture.

It is often a surpise to find out that these tecniques are stll employed today by real traditionally trained masons. It is, of course of great importance not only to the craft and its history but to the future of our architectual heritage in this country that these skills are continued, the apprenticeship period is also discussed.

As a point of reference during my talks I always have a selection of my tools and some pieces of carved stone, along with display boards with images of a small selection of my work.


For further information please email me with your requirements.

Living History interpretations & TV / Media work

As a professional master craftsman who has researched the history of his craft I can offer fully costumed living history interpretation demonstrations for the following periods;


  • Medieval.
  • Georgian.
  • Victorian.


All costumes, tools and equipment are correct and approapriate to a specific period.

My tools were recently hired by the BBC, to be used in scenes with "durdles the stonemason" in their adaption of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, by Charles Dickens.


T.V / MEDIA Work.

I appeared on Monty Dons Real Craft 2014 as the Stonemasonry expert and mentor, shown on More4 ( Channel 4 ) and have offered specialist adivice to both UK and US production companies.

I am available for T.V work as a craft expert / consultant. Please contact me for enquiries and further information.