BRAD STEELE Master Stonemason, Sculptor & Carver
BRAD STEELEMaster Stonemason, Sculptor & Carver

Other skills available.

My skills are varied and cover all aspects of the craft, below is a small selection.

If you require any further information of any of my skills please contact me via email,


  • Site fixing. I am available for aspects of site fixing from heavy large scale masonry elements to small indent repairs to existing masonry fabric.
  • Ruin consolidation. All types of ruin consolidation to reinstate a relevent interpretation of original remaining masonry.
  • Detailed conservation work. To include, mortar repairs in an approved lime mortar, detailed pointing down to 2mm, grouting, pinning, and stitching.
  • Complex tracery setting out and template making. Detailed setting out for complex geometrical tracery windows. Template and cutting lists made out for all types of stonework.
  • Monument consolidation. Making safe and consolidating historic box/chest tombs and vaults.
  • Historic masonry condition reports. Full inspection reports for historic stonework and monuments, inc full project costings.
  • Recording of stonework. Full photographic recording of the removal of stonework, for relocation or refixing.
  • Model making. Pre carving models produced in either plaster or clay. Ideal for projects where no evidence exists on the detail on existing fabric for proposed replacement stonework or ornament.
  • Quinquenial Inspection work.
  • TV / MEDIA. craft expert and consultant.